LooperSocial is an innovative social media platform that merges the best features of existing platforms, offering a unique space for content creators, influencers, entrepreneurs, and users to connect, share, and explore.

We stand out by merging the best functionalities of multiple platforms, enhancing community-building, and offering exclusive features like private feeds, bubbles, and events. Our focus is on content creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the tools they need for success.

A “Bubble” is similar to a group or community. It’s a space where users can post, interact, and share based on specific interests or topics. Bubbles come with extensive customization options, from defining ownership to managing member permissions.

In LooperSocial, creators and influencers can set up private feeds. Access to these feeds is permission-based, ensuring exclusive content remains available only to a select audience or subscribers.

Yes! Our platform provides diverse options for Bubble management. You can easily change or reassign roles like admin, moderator, or owner to ensure smooth community management.

 Events are exclusive to specific communities or Bubbles. Members can create, share, and participate in events that resonate with the community’s theme or purpose. These events remain within the community, ensuring a tailored experience

Absolutely! We prioritize user data protection and adhere to the strictest security protocols. Your personal information and content are safe with us.

LooperSocial is committed to maintaining a respectful and safe environment. If you come across any inappropriate content or behavior, you can easily report it using our in-app tools. Our team will review and take appropriate action promptly.

 We value and respect the diversity of thoughts. Our “Free Opinion” principle ensures that users can voice their opinions and share their perspectives without facing censorship or bias, as long as it aligns with our community guidelines.

Some creators or influencers might choose to offer premium content that requires a subscription or payment. Details and pricing will be clearly mentioned, ensuring users are informed before making any decisions.

Reach out to our support team or explore our community forums for more insights and assistance.

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